Monday, 9 October 2017

Diwali Party 2017 ~ Diwali Party Ideas, Menu, Decorations, Themes - Diwali Party Friends At Home

Happy Diwali Party 2017

Diwali 2017 Party THEME: For the Diwali party, everyone follows one theme traditional. You can add a twist by making it a Bollywood theme night for which everyone gets to dressing as their favorite B town character. However, in choosing a character, always remember that you have to wear traditional Indian clothes. You can also have the party.

 Diwali Party Menu 2017

 Happy Diwali Party Decorations & Themes

Happy Diwali Party Decorations: Diwali is a time to do at you your house with diyas, candles lights and a lot of light. for the latest designs for candles and colorful lamp. While it makes sense to use electric lights for the outer Diwali area as the wind might extinguish candles and Diwali diyas, when placing them to inside, make sure they are not within reach of inflamed substances. Be careful when you have children in a house.

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