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Friday, 23 March 2018

Happy Diwali Games {2018} Ideas, Downlaod Diwali Games For Adults & Kids

Happy Diwali - Deepavali Games 2018

Diwali - Deepavali Game No: 1 

On the paper draw any of four crackers like annar, phuljhadi, firki,rocket etc OK. Now the players have to write 4 numbers of their choice on each cracker that you have drawn. The game can be played as four crackers as 4 lines, early 4 ie. one no. each in every cracker and full houses.

Diwali Games Ideas for Office, Couples School 2018

Below are some of the Best happy Deepavali & Diwali Games Ideas in 2018. You can play these games at home. Diwali Games For Home Playing. Indoor Diwali Games are these.

Diwali 2018 Jokes
Diwali 2018 Messages In Tamil
Happy Diwali 2018 Free Cover Photos

  • Crackers Tambola
  • Children’s Fancy Dress Competition: Kids are welcome to show their Talent
  • Find and Count Laxmi Ganesh: Find the Lakshmi. Diwali Games For Couples
  • Write Happy Diwali with Diyas
  • Alphabets & Diyas
  • .Rangoli competition
  • .Diwali Musical Chairs
  • .Creative Diwali
  • .Candles and Bangles
  • .Blow Off The Candle
  • .Dry fruit Bags
  • .Bijli Bomb Tambola
  • .Light The Candles
  • Candles & Dice
  • .Light and Blowoff Candle with Single Matchstick

Happy Diwali Entertainment Games Download For PC & Android

Diwali Run: The Best Game Ever

A run to light up the streets, a run to light up their world. Three brothers decide to run and collect the crackers in order to celebrate the festival of lights. Help them get their way out of the streets while avoiding many of the obstacles that come their way. There’s fire on the streets, barricades on the roads, limited lives, a loss of which will be marked by a missing brother. Collect the rocket to cover a distance faster and get a better score which will fill the life bar. The life bar depending on your performance will help you get your brother back in the run ultimately giving you an extra life. Start running!! Click Here to get

Diwali automatically sets the party and celebration mood, and that’s why Diwali parties in offices are a common scenario during the Indian festive season. While there are multiple ways to celebrate Diwali at an office party, but, playing some games can cheer everyone up and bring a smile on everyone’s face. Also, playing light games can reduce the stress levels, which often arise due to work pressure in the offices.

Happy Diwali Games For Office Ideas 2018,

Guess Who

This is a game that shows how much do you know about your co-workers. Compile a questionnaire with questions regarding the different people. The question can include a typical habit of a person, and others have to guess who this person is.

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Two Truths and A Lie

Each person would be required to tell two truths and a lie about themselves, and others have to guess which ones are the true statements and which one is the lie.

Follow the Leader Of your

Designate one person as the leader in the game of Deepavali, and the leader must be required to initiate the different behaviors such as jogging on the place, exercising, or some other gesture. The other people have to follow the leader one by one and imitate their behavior. It would like chain reaction of activities.

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