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Friday, 30 March 2018

Diwali Sweets Recipes, Food, Desserts - Snacks Recipes, Drinks {2018} - Diwali Drinks Homemade

Happy Diwali Food Menu 2018

Diwali Snacks Recipes Gujarati 2018
Diwali Food Menu 2018
Diwali Sweets Recipes in Tamil 2018
Diwali Sweets list 2018
Diwali Sweets Recipes by Sanjeev Kapoor 2018
easy Indian Sweets to Make at Home 2018
Diwali Sweets Names 2018

Diwali/Deepavali dinner or Diwali party/get-collectively is part of Diwali birthday celebration.  I am consolidating listing of goodies, desserts, beverages, snacks, dal, curry, paratha, rice recipes for easy planning for Diwali birthday party/dinner menu so that you get Diwali dinner thoughts and plan in advance your menu to have ease when you prepare food reason for me what to make for Diwali dinner particularly for visitor is extra time consuming challenge than truly cooking and if we have the menu planned then it does keep a lot of time, I am certain few of you settle in this with me.

Here I am making the list of Diwali Party Foods, Diwali Food Menu 2018

  • Pick recipes which are understood and favored through most. I have indexed most of the famous recipes.
  • Attempt to acknowledged if any of your guests have any food hypersensitive reaction and keep away from that substances if feasible until you're catering for the large organization then for 1-2 human beings you oughtn't to alternate your menu.
  • For candies, dessert and snacks pick matters which may be finished speedily then going to standard time ingesting candies recipes, nicely you may select that when you have time in hand
  • If having kids on guest listing preserve 2-3 objects thinking about children age institution.
  • Pick candies and cakes which may be organized 2-3 days before and you could keep in the fridge.
  • Snacks or starters like Tikki, cutlet can be organized in 2-3 days advance and freeze. prepare dinner earlier than serving or on party day.
  • If your menu is the lengthy listing of recipes then put together 1-2 curry an afternoon before or early morning until you're best with cooking every week earlier than and freezing then you can comply with that too. in my opinion, I make everything on the same day or just a day earlier than few curry, chocolates, and snacks.
  • Put together simple masala like jeera powder, ginger-garlic paste and so on every week before and keep.
  • You could also prepare Diwali chocolates and snacks in big quantity in advance and percentage as return gifts together with your guests.
  • End your work earlier than Diwali celebration so you get time to get geared up and revel in the party as an alternative being in the kitchen all of the time :)

Diwali 2018 Sweets - Desserts Recipes - Mithai

  • Sooji Gujiya - Must in diwali in our home,
  • Kesar Peda - Mildly sweet, 
  • Badam Katli - Lovely For All
  • Corn Flour Burfi -  kids will love this.
  • Maida Burfi - Easy burfi with maida.
  • 7 Cup Burfi - Popular 7 Cup Burfi 

  1. Diwali Recipes Names 2018
  2. Special Recipes On This On Diwali 2018
  3. Diwali Desserts For Make 2018
  4. Diwali Sweets Recipes In Hindi 2018
  5. Diwali Sweets Boxes 2018
  6. Diwali Sweets 2018
  7. Diwali Sweets In Tamil 2018
  8. Diwali Faral List 2018

  • Anjeer Mawa Burfi - Easy, delicious with minimal sugar
  • Besan Khoya Burfi - Delicious besan
  • Coconut Burfi - Easy and quick fresh coconut burfi
  • Dry Fruits BurfiSugar-free, fat-free, gluten-free burfi with dry fruits.
  • Coconut Ladoo - Easy, no-cook coconut ladoo with only 2 ingredients.
  • Coconut Khoya Ladoo with Gulkand Surprise - Easy coconut ladoo
  • Dates Sesame Ladoo - Quick and nutritious khajur, til (dates, sesame) ladoo.
  • Sooji (Rava) Ladoo - Popular and easy sooji ladoo.
  • Nariyal Gud (Kobbari Louz) Ladoo - Fresh coconut, jaggery laduu
  • Maaladu - Laddu made with daliya/roasted gram and ghee.
  • Gulab Jamun - Popular Indian Sweet Gulab Jamun made with milk powder.
  • Condensed Milk Khoya - Easy khoya made in microwave in 15 minutes.
  • Dry Fruits & Figs Roll - Sugar-free, Fat-free easy dates, figs and dry fruit rolls.
  • Dudh Peda - Quick and easy peda with milk powder
  • Oats Dry Fruits Ladoo - Sugarfree, fat-free, gluten-free,

  1. Diwali sweets list 2018
  2. Diwali sweets recipes in Tamil 2018
  3. Diwali recipes in Hindi 2018
  4. Diwali sweets recipes by Sanjeev Kapoor 2018
  5. Traditional Diwali recipes 2018
  6. Diwali Sweets Pictures 2018

  • Sooji Apple Halwa - Sooji and apple halwa.
  • Sooji Halwa - Classic Indian sweet made with semolina/sooji.
  • Beetroot Sooji Halwa - Easy beetroot and semolina halwa.
  • Beetroot Halwa - Halwa made with beetroot.
  • Sweet Potato Halwa - Sweet potato or shakhand halwa.
  • Anjeer Phirni - Phirni made with sooji (semolina) and anjeer (dried figs).
  • Moong Dal Kheer - Kheer made with moong dal and jaggery.
  • Sabudana Kheer - Kheer made with sabudana (sago).
  • Sooji Kheer - Kheer made with sooji (rava), milk, sugar and nuts.
  • Phool Makhana Kheer - Kheer made with phool makhana (puffed lotus seeds).
  • Carrot Kheer - Kheer made with carrot, milk and sugar.
  • Dates Kheer - Easy, suga-free dates (khajoor) kheer.
  • Seviyan - Popular semiya payasam or seviyan.

Happy Diwali 2018 Beverage Recipes

Diwali Sweets Recipes, Food, Desserts -  Snacks Recipes Indian {2017} - Diwali Drinks Homemade

Happy Diwali Drinks
Diwali Drinks Recipes 2018
Images Of Diwali Drink 2018
Easy Homemade Diwali Drink Recipes
Sweet Lassi -ncijijuu ki89ith Delicious lassi made with  (dahi), 
  • Mango Lassi - This is made of Yoghurt
  • Strawberry Lassi - This is also made of yoghut and suger.
  • Salted Cucumber Lassi - Figs (anjeer) milkshake with almond milk.
  • Vegan Figs (Anjeer) Milkshake - Milkshake made with apple.
  • Banana Milkshake - It is a Simple milkshake 
  • Fruits & Nuts Milkshake - Filled with dry fruits
  • Cookie Milkshake - a Delicious milkshake with chocolate
  • Jaljeera  - Mint filling

Diwali 2018 Drink, Diwali Indian Recipes, Diwali Sweets Recipes, Food, Desserts -  Snacks Recipes Indian {2018} - Diwali Drinks Homemade

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