The 14th International Conference on

Miniaturized Systems for Chemistry and Life Sciences

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Year Location Chairperson(s)

2009 Jeju, Korea Tae Song Kim and Yoon-Sik Lee
2008 San Diego, USA Laurie Locascio
2007 Paris. France Jean-Louis Viovy
2006 Tokyo, Japan Takehiko Kitamori and Hiroyuki Fujita
2005 Boston, USA Klavs Jensen
2004 Malmö, Sweden Thomas Laurell and Jörg Kutter
2003 Squaw Valley, USA M. Allen Northrup
2002 Nara, Japan Yoshinobu Baba and Shuichi Shoji
2001 Monterey, USA J. Michael Ramsey
2000 Enschede, The Netherlands Albert van den Berg
1998 Banff, Canada D. Jed Harrison
1996 Basel, Switzerland H. Michael Widmer
1994 Enschede, The Netherlands Piet Bergveld and Albert van den Berg

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